Welcome to the area dedicated to Sacred Art.


Decorate sacred art

In this section you will find a wide selection of valuable collections that Sambuco dedicates to sacred art. Among our creations, the “Bizantino” (Byzantine) style chalice, inspired by the pictorial works of the eponymous period, it obtained by the engraving of the newly created object, thus obtaining an original mosaic effect enriched by gold finishes. The “Girali verdi e oro” (Green and gold floral swirls) decoration, painted with twisted floral elements, creates a style full of charm and meaning. From the use of lusters and precious metals comes alive “Rubino e oro” (Ruby and gold) decoration inspired by the classic 16th century luster decorations.  “Deruta Marrone oro graffito” (Deruta brown and gold scratched design) is a high-relief decoration obtained by handmade removing the clay from the surface of the object. The beauty of the design is given by the contrast of the relief motifs and the background of the exposed clay. The chromatic contrast between the floral pattern on a blue background and the brilliance of gold on the “Ornato su fondo blu e oro” (Floral ornate on a blue background and gold) gives life to a particularly refined decoration.



Sacred Vessels – Liturgical services

Sambuco Arte Sacra Deruta Vasi Sacri Servizi per liturgia

Proposal of a wide range of sacred vessels including chalices, patens, pyxes, cruets. Made according to different decorative typologies from traditional lines to design ones, they also use various symbols. Some sets for liturgy have been enriched with decorations inspired by various Christian movements, such as the “Patent Cross” or the “Tau” symbol of Franciscans.





Accessories for altar

Sambuco Arte Sacra Deruta Accessori per l’altare

Our proposal for accessories for altar includes various kinds of oil lamps, candle holders, vases, flower vases and much more.






Sambuco Arte Sacra Deruta Arredamento e oggettistica

The vast catalog for sacred furniture includes accessories and ornamental items dedicated not only to churches or to the cemetery chapels, but also to houses: crosses, baptismal fountains, votive tiles, holy water holders, vases and planter vases, columns, are just some examples of the creations that we can offer.